What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) is the practice of providing free, immediate, online access to scholarly and creative works, and the right to use and re-use that content as needed. It is a growing international movement that encourages the unrestricted sharing of scholarly research, data, and other materials to enhance their visibility, use, and impact.

There are three typical paths to publishing Open Access scholarship in journals: the green, gold, and hybrid models.

GREEN: Article published in a subscription-access journal may be subsequently deposited in a digital repository or posted on a personal website by the author.

GOLD: Article published in a publicly available open access journal. The publisher may require payment of an article processing fee.

HYBRID: Article published in a subscription-access journal, but author has the option to pay a fee to allow free, immediate access to the article.

The Right to Research Coalition, a student-founded organization that advocates for and educates people about Open Access, brings you two great videos about Open Access. “Open Access 101″ provides a great introduction to the world of OA scholarship.

In “Open Access Explained!” Nick Shockey (The Right to Research Coalition) and Jonathan Eisen (PhD Comics) take us through the world of Open Access publishing and explain what it’s all about, and why Open Access to research is important for students, researchers, and so many other stakeholders.